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Item 18: So many errors on one small window...

How many errors per square foot?

1) The Trusted Application List has already finished downloading. The Status should be 'Done', not '1506.0 KB'.
2) Why did it pause for about 10 seconds with only '1 bytes' remaining? And if they're going to make these sorts of stupid errors, they might as well spell it properly ('byte', singular).
3) Norton Confidential: 745.3 KB - 672.0 KB = '1 bytes'? Really weird math.
4) The 'Getting update...' counter indicates that 257.4KB remains (5990.1 - 5732.7). This matches neither the Status column (in any combination), nor the 'Norton Confidential' (green bar) numbers. None of them match, nor do they make any sense.

That's a lot of borked-up numbers on such a small window. And these examples weren't even the oh-so-complicated business of having more than one download per category (as previously reported).

And these are in addition to the 10 MB -> 5 MB issue for the same download (reported earlier today).

It's all so very very stoopid.

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