This blog is primarily concerned with NIS 2007 (and a bit on NIS 08). I have nothing to say about more recent versions.

This blog is more or less dormant (except for occasional comments on related news), and is being left on-line as a historical record and perhaps as a warning to future generations of anti-virus coders.


Item 7: LiveUpdate download counters 'borked'

When running LiveUpdate, the downward-counting byte counters (the numbers that show you the total file size by category and then count backwards to 'Done' as the files download) are easily confused. In the event that a certain category contains (for example) two files to be downloaded, then the counters get totally borked-up. They display odd numbers that do not relate to reality. Basically the counters are borked when there are two files to be downloaded in a single category (as, for example, at a fresh install).

On the same LiveUpdate window, there are also discrepancies in the various definitions of kilo and mega (the old 1000 versus 1024 issue). The KB and MB are not consistent even on that one window.

Again, this is with a fresh install of Norton Internet Security 2007. I've seen these issues on both my fairly-new laptop and my home desktop PC. I've also seen the same sort of thing before with Norton Antivirus 2006 and previous editions.

I'll try to get some screen-captures next time I see these issues.

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