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Google Gmail now does virus scanning

Since we moved from dial-up to wireless high-speed Internet access, we've been using only Google Gmail accounts. We don't even have any ISP-based e-mail accounts.

Gmail now does virus scanning.

I first noticed it when I saw an attached filename being replaced with the words something like scanning for viruses on the Gmail page. I looked into the new features and it's right there: Virus Scanning.


This is huge news - all bad for Symantec.

If I have hardware (router) and software (windows) firewalls, and Windows Defender to scan for malware, and monthly malware removers (that have never found anything), and all my e-mail is scanned to viruses on the way in, then the risk is getting pretty low.

This means that Norton Internet Security is not worth the negatives.

I'm a step closer to removing it from all my systems in advance of its expiry. And I certainly will not be renewing it.

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Anonymous said...

As an IT for six offices i hate Norton, memory hungry, expensive, and just sucks.

All my personal system run avg free.

ps. i even remove norton from peoples computers and install avg without them knowing.