This blog is primarily concerned with NIS 2007 (and a bit on NIS 08). I have nothing to say about more recent versions.

This blog is more or less dormant (except for occasional comments on related news), and is being left on-line as a historical record and perhaps as a warning to future generations of anti-virus coders.


Symantec still sucks

The NIS07 license on my laptop (which expires in October 2008), just suddenly decided to expire or something. It tells me that there is a license or subscription problem and, after poking around, it tells me to click Activate Now.

So I clicked Activate Now. Nothing happened.

Tried again. Nothing.

Tried every possible option. No response.

Stupid phucks. They're just idiots. Do not give them money and do not put their crap software on your computer. If your computer comes with Symantec crap, get it removed.

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