This blog is primarily concerned with NIS 2007 (and a bit on NIS 08). I have nothing to say about more recent versions.

This blog is more or less dormant (except for occasional comments on related news), and is being left on-line as a historical record and perhaps as a warning to future generations of anti-virus coders.


Now this is funny...

I attended a public lecture last evening. It was the sort of lecture held in a very large university auditorium (several hundreds of people attended). The guest speaker used his laptop connected to a large projector aimed at a huge screen (more than 30-foot diagonal).

Right in the middle of his PowerPoint presentation, which was extremely well done, a Symantec warning message flashed up. "Blah blah blah... run time blah blah blah... allow or not?" It covered about half the screen.

Hint to Symantec:

Unless it is The End Of The World As We Know It , if MS-PowerPoint is running, and if the Video Output is turned on, then perhaps now is not a good time for error messages and warnings. Please consider disabling them until the show is over.


Alexey Yakovenko said...

sorry to piss you off, but it's not symantec specific. seen same crap in our office presenations with NOD32 :)

Anonymous said...

No - I do not disagree. Other programs are just as silly as Symantec. But Symantec seems to have far more than its fair share of silliness.

I've got literally hundreds of programs installed on my three PCs, but only one peice of software has ever driven me to the point where I felt the need to start a blog on the subject.

Once upon a time, Windows ME drove me crazy. But Symantec is far worse. Nothing else is close.