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I just uninstalled AVG 9.0 FREE from my primary desktop PC

I really like AVG. Very good and reliable software. Virtually nothing to complain about. But I'm going to try MS Security Essentials on my primary desktop PC.

I have to mention that when I uninstalled AVG, I then ran CCleaner to make sure that AVG had uninstalled cleanly. It had. Not a single Registry error found. Not one.

This compares to Norton Removal Tool (NRT) that left 88 errors.

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Zylstra said...

While I agree that Symantec is terrible, I do not think that counting the amount of "errors" or mislinks in a registry can atone for the legitimacy or level of functionality of any program -- especially considering you mentioned the removal tool, which is a butcher approach to removing a program. More important might be to mention the fact that Symantec has probably developed removal tools beyond any other company because their product is such a pain to remove.