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Item 2: Automatic LiveUpdate setting ignored

Okay, look. I'm on dial-up. It's not my fault. There is no reasonable high-speed Internet option available in this neighbourhood. No DSL, no Cable TV, no WiMax.

I've got Norton Internet Security 2007. I just installed it on my home PC a couple of days ago. All up to date. I haven't done anything wrong.

Since my Internet pipe is so slow, I intentionally set Automatic LiveUpdate to OFF (note, 'OFF'). I'll Run LiveUpdate manually when I'm about to step away from the computer.

Off? Hello? Anyone listening?

Today I turn-on my PC, and connect to the Internet. A few minutes later I notice that my connection is really slow. I check and find that LiveUpdate is running in the background.

Can you see the problem here?

(Note: The above is a more-recent screen capture.)

I'd set it to OFF.

I hadn't asked it to run.

It was running.

It was plugging up my dial-up connection.

In spite of me explicitly setting it not to do so.


Honestly, I can see why people might go postal once in a while.

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Norbert Vollmers said...


Try using Wintask. You can set this program to block other programs from running

Good luck