This blog is primarily concerned with NIS 2007 (and a bit on NIS 08). I have nothing to say about more recent versions.

This blog is more or less dormant (except for occasional comments on related news), and is being left on-line as a historical record and perhaps as a warning to future generations of anti-virus coders.


6 months unprotected - no viruses

My old Desktop (Dell Dimension 8100 circa 2001, Windows XP) has been running without any virus protection since I was forced to remove NIS07 back in December 2007. I reported that removal here.

Running naked on the 'net for about six months.

Well, I finally got around to installing AVG onto that system. It's free for home use. The download is about 45MB. Installation takes about as much time as you'd expect. It complained that my Roxio burning software was out-of-date, but I'm having some troubles updating Roxio, so I ignored the warning for now.

Anyway, here is the interesting part. I let AVG do a complete scan overnight. It found nothing but mostly harmless tracking cookies. No viruses. No malware.

I'll provide more details about AVG later. So far it looks fine.

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